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How to make Roasted Mexican Street Corn dip FAST!

This fast and easy Mexican Street Corn Dip is so amazing that the first time I made it I ate half the bowl! It works best with Fresh Corn on the Cob that you can shuck with the Mandoline, but if you only have Frozen then just thaw and drain it to make this a year round favorite!

How to make Lentil Sloppy Joes Easy and fast!

Lentil’s are a carb that is good for your body AND is full of protein. It is because of that protein that you feel full and satisfied. If you try out this recipe for Lentil Sloppy Joes please let me know! I love to eat it over Baked Sweet Potatoes or Bake Potatoes personally…how would you eat yours?

Fiesta Ranch Party Dip

This dip must come with a warning…you will become addicted to it! (Don’t say I didn’t warn you!!) If you like it please leave a comment! If you want to always be in the know please feel free to subscribe to not miss out!

Confidence within you!

Happy International Woman’s day! How do you let the confidence shine in you? This entry takes you through the butterflies I had when I first started to meal prep going on tonight! Please feel free to share!

Hidden Beauty

Seeing the hidden beauty all around us is so important especially in this day and age. What hidden beauty will you see today and every day?