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Your Tupperware Home

Take advantage of the opportunity to join us to learn how much Tupperware could do for you and your family. The journey to join us starts with selecting the products that you can add to your home that fit best for you! From there it is deciding on the income potential it can bring OR just how much money you will save. Last, when you join us it is chance for you to realize all of your dreams in a fun and exciting environment.

How could you learn more to join us? Well, do you have 15 minutes to chat with me about it? It truly is that simple – like the gecko says…15 minute could change your life! It is as simple as sending me a note to to learn more. Plus there are added things you can earn along the way too!

I talk about the Host and Join option here along with the other options!

There are three levels now for joining! The Entry Level and Executive…you can also join for FREE with the Host & Join too! This set gives you everything you need to be on the go with your Tupperware Side gig! The BONUS is you get gifts when you start your gig on the go too! Choices are always good say yes? Which one would you choose?

I love how Tupperware sets us up so we can earn money right away instead of having to spend it! Our Welcome Bonus changes monthly AND you have the ability to earn more products for your kit when you get started right away! Below is the Confident Start Program! In it you have the ability to earn as you learn and help others to save money and bring healthy food options to their table.

We make it easy to get started through many ways:

  • Text messages to help you step by step
  • We welcome you into our Company Facebook group where there are so many resources for you
  • Video Trainings so you can learn on your own time
  • In person trainings so you can have personal trainings too!

Ready to learn more? Contact me via email at! We can set up a time for coffee or just a chat on the phone!