Your Tupperware Home

As a Host you get to say: If it is Free it is For me! Have you ever heard of that saying? Well its true! What is nice is Tupperware gives you the options to choose what you would like for Free and Half off from the full line catalog when you have one of the following:

  • Cooking with Friends
  • Messenger Parties all done via text
  • Have your own Facebook Event (sometimes called a party) – our consultants do them in events, groups or even in 2 posts!
  • In Home locations where it is close enough

The first choice you get is when you reach $200 in sales from your friends joining you around your kitchen table or on your Facebook party! Which would you choose? They change with every catalog! Then when you reach $300 in sales you start to earn Free and Half off Tupperware from our Main Line Catalog! The amazing thing is there is never a cap to what you can earn!

Scroll through the pictures to see what is on sale! Please note the dates as some do expire before April 26! New Spring Catalog OPENED and will be here through April 26!

See all of it here in this video:

Lastly! You can choose to redeem your Free Host Credit towards the purchase of Exclusive Sets from Tupperware when 2 or more friends choose to have their own get togethers too! Which would you choose? You can view the whole Spring & Summer catalog here to see what your choices could be! When your wish list gets long send us a note at to set something up! We can pick a date that works for both of us to hang out with your friends and learn something new together!

So, you have checked out the catalog but you wish you could have seen the Host bonuses easier? Well here you go! This is the page dedicated to just those that decide to hang out with us to get their items for Free or Half off…or even the exclusive gift sets featured here!

Want to set up your own get together? Contact us today!