Warranty Information

Your Tupperware Home

Warranty just came back online. Please know that not everything can or will be in the system. Tupperware is over 75 years old 🙂 It would be impossible to have everything ever made to be part of the warranty process.

The process we are Authorized to use is as follows:

  1. We are authorized to help with Cracked or Chipped items only. These items can be only taken care of with a Purchase of NEW Tupperware or with a Party as well.
  2. The broken piece will need to have a Mold Number that is in our current system. If it is not in the system it can be replaced with the updated version of this. This mold number can be found in the 6 o’clock position of the product
  3. Tupperware will take care of the cost of the product but not the tax and shipping. These items come from the factory and cannot be given at the time of the exchange. The same shipping cost is good for up to $74.99 of new Tupperware as well. As stated in #1 our consultants are able to take care of warranties with a purchase of new items or with a party only. If you have no desire to buy new Tupperware you can wait until Customer Care can service it or go through the factory instead.
  4. When we warranty your item know we are required to take your broken pieces from you and hold on to them for 30 days or more. Tupperware does this to ensure the quality control of people not taking advantage of our Warranty program.
  5. You are welcome to contact us with the mold number(s) before stopping by during normal business hours to see if they are in the system or not.

You are welcome to call 763-432-6065 (this number does not receive or send out text messages) or email us at rsvp@infiniteshine.net to inquire if your item(s) are still in the system.

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