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Hidden Beauty

Happy Sunday! 
Today is the day that I try to take for myself. It starts by having a family breakfast with our two kids and my amazing husband. From there I go to Vinyasa Yoga at Soul Studio in St. Louis Park.

I know this seems weird to blog about the start of the day but hang with me!

I am sitting in my car waiting to go into Yoga and I noticed these berries on the tree in front of me. Now that doesn’t seem like a big thing but it is the dead of winter here with snow almost up to the first branch.

These berries on this tree made me think that even though it is harsh and cold there is beauty everywhere. That Mother Nature even in its harshest conditions provides not only this beauty for us but food for the birds that may live near by.

My question to you my friends is what will be the hidden beauty you find today? How will you go and share that with the people you love? Will you take a photo like I did and share it with them? Will you find the beauty of a vegetable or fruit and create a new amazing recipe as a result.

How ever you find this beauty today – love it – share it and know it was put in front of you for a reason. I hope you have an amazing Sunday discovering all the beautiful things in front of you….especially as you look in the mirror. After all YOU are the most beautiful thing in the world too.

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