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On October 5, 2018 I took the leap into the Tupperware world. I have never looked back. I have had amazing times, and met amazing people, now have life long friends. You are never in this company alone. Someone is always there willing to help. My team and I have been doing awesome and I’m so proud of each and everyone of them. I have been able to do things that I never would have dreamed of, like pay off back bills, took a family vacation for a week. Hard work pays off in the end. You will never know how awesome and amazing Tupperware is if you never give it a chance.

Lee Ann Raycher


Tupperware for me means a giant steppingstone, it has allowed me to grow so much in who I am confidence wise & by showing my children how to become a good leader, by listening better & challenging myself more. Baby steps lead to change & change is good.

Cindy Patnaude


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Welcome and thanks for stopping by! I am the proud mom of 2 teens and married to the love of my life. I joined while I was a full time 7th grad reading teacher, and I stay because I love watching the confidence grow in the people I interact with! I also love l that this gives me the flexibility to put our family first and schedule events around what works for us! Want more info? Just message!

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Stuffed Shells

This is a family favorite recipe that I make once a year. I hope that you enjoy it as much as my family does!

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Cooking with Friends – Beef Ramen

For those who need less sodium this is a recipe you may enjoy! Due to the fact YOU make the sauce YOU will get to control what is in it! Will you be trying it?

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Cooking with Friends – One Pot Chicken and Rice!

When the world starts to cool down for winter comfort foods like Chicken and Rice become a favorite. Being able to make it all in one Pot is just an added bonus right? What are some of your family favorite one pot meals?

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