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Tupperware for me means a giant steppingstone, it has allowed me to grow so much in who I am confidence wise & by showing my children how to become a good leader, by listening better & challenging myself more. Baby steps lead to change & change is good.

Cindy Patnaude


Ordered her Nissan Rogue from Tupperware in the month of August & Is in the LAST month of the WOW Running Start

I am a 3rd generation consultant with a passion for making peoples lives easier! I first joined because I was excited about all the new product. It is amazing how it could help me and my friends/family stay organized and make great tasting healthy meals FAST! After a very short time I realized this was definitely the job for me. I am able to stay home with my kids and significantly supplement my families income, allowing us to travel more and really enjoy our time together! I am a very social person so living in rural ND is hard for me and this allows me to engage with so many wonderful people all over the country. I cannot wait to continue meeting and helping new people and seeing their different perspectives on life!

Joanna Pederson

Promoted in September 2020

I was an athlete growing up and I always loved a good competition. I like to win! One thing I like about Tupperware is that they have challenges each month where you earn incentives like free Tupperware products and bonuses! I also enjoy the flexibility to run my business how I want and when I want.
I am looking forward to moving up in the ranks and continuing to take in as much information I can to grow my business successfully! I have big goals (and a lot of student loan debt) that Tupperware is going to give me the opportunity to accomplish and I can’t wait to see where it takes me!
Tupperware really is a product that sells itself! When I first met Sarah and she told me she sold Tupperware, I thought to myself “well you can only have so many plastic bowls, right?!” I was so wrong after seeing all the new kitchen gadgets that make your cooking life at home simple…and FAST! If you have been hesitant about jumping in, you can make this what you want it to be. Whether you want to join so you can get the 25%-35% discount or you are looking for an opportunity to start a business, there’s a spot for everyone! Our Infinite Shine team and Tupperware have so many great training resources to help make getting started a breeze!

April Greene

Manager with the Highest Personal Sales

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Welcome and thanks for stopping by! I am the proud mom of 2 teens and married to the love of my life. I joined while I was a full time 7th grad reading teacher, and I stay because I love watching the confidence grow in the people I interact with! I also love l that this gives me the flexibility to put our family first and schedule events around what works for us! Want more info? Just message!

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I have to admit the kids had fun helping me perfect this recipe for Hot Chocolate Bombs. I hope you enjoy the tips…it took several try’s to perfect it!

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