Confidence within you!

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Confidence within you!

Happy International Woman’s day!

I started my business more than 8 and a half years ago while I was still a full time teacher. I joined to help a friend promote to Manager and truly had no desire to do much with it.

My very first demonstration I was a nervous wreck! I am so thankful to my friend Nina for having this first show. It made it so much easier knowing there were friendly faces there to support me. The butterflies in my stomach were so many that I swear I could have taken flight! With that said I truly had so much fun helping everyone there! That is what makes me go back again and again!

To this day I still get butterflies before a demonstration. When I get home I am unable to sleep for a couple hours from the excitement of helping people! The joy that this brings is so much more than just selling Tupperware. It is knowing that I made a little difference in someone’s life that night. It could just something small like they were able to get out of the house. That little difference means so much.

What this business has done for me is given me the confidence to go outside of myself and help others in the process. I love working with the amazing women (and a few men) within Infinite Shine. Watching them grow in their own confidence gives me so much joy and pride.

How I plan to celebrate International Woman’s day is help some amazing women meal prep 5 meals that they get to take home in Tupperware. While they are prepping their meals we will make my favorite 10 minute Pressure cooker Mac n Cheese to sample after everyone is done! It will be an evening full of laughter, fun and of course food!

So on this International Woman’s Day what will you do to help the women in your life and celebrate them?

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