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Tupperware is more than just bowls…it is a lifestyle choice! On this page you will find out tips and tricks of how Tupperware has helped build our lifestyle and those around us. You may see inspirational stories here…all the way through life hacks! If you like it please feel free to subscribe so as to not miss out on any of them!

Welcome to July (7/1/2022) - Welcome to the wonderful month of July! As a company we are celebrating our 6th year of being Infinite Shine Enterprises. Take a peek to see all that is going on!
June 2022 Specials! (5/26/2022) - See what is all in store for June in our featured article!
2 Post Facebook Party/Event! (10/7/2020) - Around 6 years ago I was told by a host I would do a party with you – but only if it was a Facebook Event. She asked if I do those…I said SURE! Guess what, she would turn out to be my first! Facebook parties/events have grown over the years and exploded in this…
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Record Breaker is here! (10/1/2020) - In Tupperware Record Breaker is one of our 3 "Big Months". This means it is an opportunity for our Hosts to get extra options with qualifying events, our consultants receive extra cool gifts and our customers have more options to choose from with additional specials!
Do you love Purple AND Halloween? (9/10/2020) - Look inside to see what is in store for you through October 14 while supplies last!
Top 3 Tips for your Classic Bowl Set (7/23/2020) - The Classic Bowl set is a stable in our home. We love it so much that we have 2 different sets of them! Some of the things I love about them is how they nest, the seals match the bowl and they are easy to use! Here are my top 3 tips for how to use them!
Mid June offers many solutions! (6/13/2020) - My favorites are on sale through June 26. The Fridge Smarts, the Makers and the beautiful 11 pc Aloha set that compliments the wonderful Host Bonus in the Tupperware Summer catalog!
Coffee with Sarah and Vicky of Soul Studio! (4/14/2020) - Vicky shares with us her unique Soul Studio. It is a place for women to exercise, learn nutrition and have overall great wellbeing. She has developed an online community after the COVID Pandemic had her temporarily close her doors. Her program is amazing and if you want to learn more about it please visit her website at
3 easy Kitchen Organization tips (12/20/2019) - Learn 3 easy kitchen organization tips to save space in your cupboards, and your food from any bugs or moisture getting in them!
Meal Planning Made Easy (11/22/2019) -

You just got home from a busy day. You want to have a healthy and easy meal, but you really do not know where to start. So you open the door of your refrigerator and just look. Look and see what jumps out at you. You close the refrigerator door and decide let's go out instead because it just feels easier. What if there was a way to make it easier for you and in the process would save you time, money and your sanity? Seems to good to be true? Well it doesn't have to be! There are just some simple things to have to get started and some Tupperware Tools that can help too!

Giving Back! (9/10/2019) - Being able to give back to a school that has helped so many is such a treasure. Being able to do so with donations from our Back to School Bingo is even better! Thank you SEA school for all that you do!
Who inspires you? (8/30/2019) - Inspiring women inspire women...this quote is so true. As you read this post you will see how Sheila Tolbert, Business Leader of Higher Vision Enterprises. Sheila is the definition of inspiring women because she take the time to inspire so many each day. I hope you enjoy this post as I truly believe part of the reason why I am where I am today is because of meeting and listening to her amazing words.
Fast and Easy 6 Minutes Grilled Cheese Sandwich (8/1/2019) - So you may be wondering why in the world Grilled Cheese could ever be combined with College Homesickness. Well, I gotta tell you it amounts to food is love. At some point in every college students career they feel homesick. They want to have a little bit of home with them. If you like these recipes be sure to share and subscribe to not miss out on future ones!
Traveling tips (7/19/2019) - This last 9 days were a dream come true. For most of my adult life I wanted to go to Ireland. Today we are flying home from this trip! Inside you will find 5 tips to help you save money while you travel! (Plus an optional 6th!) If you like these tips and recipes feel free to subscribe! Also if it would help a friend, it would be our greatest honor for you to share it or drop a comment!
The Courage to be #MissionI’mPossible (5/7/2019) - Hearing No is never easy. Not for anyone! However it could be in HOW you ask it as well! If you like this download feel free to share it with those in need and better yet Subscribe to not miss out on any other future musings, recipes or tips and tricks!
Appreciation of all the Teachers (5/6/2019) - Teaching is one of the most challenging and rewarding careers out there. In my first Career I was a 7th grade Remedial Reading Teacher. That career helped me to become the person I am today in aware though you may need a tissue! If you like my musings or recipes be sure to subscribe. Feel free to comment and share as well!
Playing Favorites…. (5/5/2019) - Not trying to play favorites, because that is like asking a mom who their favorite child is! Read what our most use product is in our household is though! Like it? Well feel free to subscribe to not miss out on any future musings!
Confidence within you! (3/8/2019) - Happy International Woman's day! How do you let the confidence shine in you? This entry takes you through the butterflies I had when I first started to meal prep going on tonight! Please feel free to share!
Hidden Beauty (3/3/2019) - Seeing the hidden beauty all around us is so important especially in this day and age. What hidden beauty will you see today and every day?

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