June 2022 Specials!

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June 2022 Specials!

We have so much to celebrate in June personally and professionally! Personally it is the month that my husband and business partner Richard was born in!

We are running a special Countdown in our Company as a result! Should you join us you can find out more inside! He loves to cook with our cookware, MicroPro Grill and shop on Amazon! So when we reach our goal of adding 20+ team members to our company by his birthday, June 13, we will do 3 drawings among the recruiters! Will you join us?

If you would rather get them for Free or Half off through a Virtual, Zoom or In Studio party that is an option as well! Here are the Host Bonuses through June 29! Please note there is a special GLASS Host Bonus that runs June 2-22 only…if you would like to be the FIRST to get yours lets book it today!

Lastly, here is the specials that are good through June 29 while supplies last! In addition there will be some weekly specials sprinkled throughout as well! My favorite is the BOGO for the FridgeSmart!

This video shares how to use them to save money for years to come!

Lastly, if you like Cold Brew we have amazing recipes on this blog when you click for Coffee or even Tea! If you prefer Brownies that is an option as well!

Below are the current specials! Be sure to click the next one to see what is featured this week! All are while supplies last and you can shop for them by clicking the Shop Online button!

If you would like to see them in person and are near our studio in Plymouth here are our open hours. To learn more about the studio click here

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