Welcome to July

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Welcome to July

Welcome to the wonderful month of July! As a company we are celebrating our 6th year of being Infinite Shine Enterprises.

Why Infinite Shine? I have always loved Stars, Dora, our then Regional, was walking through a mall and saw the name and asked what if. SteinOve, then President said yes that sounds perfect (or at least that is what I imagined since I wasn’t in the room 🥳) What if…What if then became a part of how I thought. What if we could bring Dream to Reality. What if we could be the #1 company in the world. What if lives could be changed like Tupperware changed mine…there is power in what ifWhat will you “what if” today?

As a company we are celebrating by having 3 drawings with our Sales Force! So if you know an Infinite Shine family member, and hopefully me too, feel free to help them by recommending them, shopping with them, joining their team and even hosting a party!

Speaking of Party! We will be doing a Virtual Zoom Cooking class for those who live in in the United States on July 18! To RSVP to learn more click this link for our event on Facebook.

If you would rather have your own event and get Tupperware for Free or Half off through a Virtual, Zoom or In Studio party that is an option as well! Here are the Host Bonuses through July 27

Several Sales specials will happen throughout the month! Here are just some of them ones you can take advantage of! Be sure to subscribe to our email list to not miss out!

I have 3 recipes to feature for our amazing Month of July! Click on their titles to be directed right to the recipe!

Coconut-Rum (or not) Mango Ice cream 

How to make Roasted Mexican Street Corn dip FAST! 

Easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars 

Which will you try first?

For July these will be our open hours! For more info click this link to be directed to our Shop in Person page. This includes a special sale going on too!

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