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June 2022 Specials!

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How to make EASY Cold Brew Tea

We always talk so much about how easy it is to make Cold Brew Coffee, but rarely do we share about Cold Brew Tea! The process is basically the same. All it takes is Cold Water, Coffee or Tea and Time…three things to make the most perfect cup of tea or coffee!

Mid June offers many solutions!

My favorites are on sale through June 26. The Fridge Smarts, the Makers and the beautiful 11 pc Aloha set that compliments the wonderful Host Bonus in the Tupperware Summer catalog!

Delicious Pumpkin Spiced Coffee

It is fall, well it is 90 degrees in Minnesota as I am writing this, but fall will come eventually! One sure fire way to know Fall is here is the appearance of everything Pumpkin Everywhere! What I have for you today is a simple Do it Yourself Pumpkin Spice blend that you will turn into Pumpkin Spiced Coffee! Should you try it please let me know via Social what you like about it!