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Stuffed Shells

This is a family favorite recipe that I make once a year. I hope that you enjoy it as much as my family does!

Cooking with Friends – Beef Ramen

For those who need less sodium this is a recipe you may enjoy! Due to the fact YOU make the sauce YOU will get to control what is in it! Will you be trying it?

Cooking with Friends – One Pot Chicken and Rice!

When the world starts to cool down for winter comfort foods like Chicken and Rice become a favorite. Being able to make it all in one Pot is just an added bonus right? What are some of your family favorite one pot meals?

Cooking with Friends: Ground Turkey “skillet” with Pasta dinner

Sometimes you just want comfort food with carbs…am I right? Pasta is one of my family favorites! This recipe can be made in minutes with all the tools to make it going straight into the dishwasher! That makes it even better right? This recipe comes from my health coach McKayla Cole and the meal plans…
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Cooking with Friends: Apple, Sausage & Sweet Potato Hash

Sometimes you want breakfast for dinner…or just breakfast for breakfast! This egg free meal will take care of both!

Turkey and Black Bean Chili

This is one of my FAVORITE Chili recipes! It has always been a hit with my family as well! Hope that you enjoy it as well!

How to make Chocolate Ravioli EASY!

Tupperware has created a super simple SUPER EASY Ravioli maker! Yes, you can totally do this! You can do it with savory or sweet! This recipe shows you how to make Chocolate Raviolis – and you can totally change it up to make what ever you want once you have these basics down!

What’s New for August!

Welcome to August! Inside you will also see an amazing recipe for Red Velvet cake too!

Welcome to July

Welcome to the wonderful month of July! As a company we are celebrating our 6th year of being Infinite Shine Enterprises. Take a peek to see all that is going on!

June 2022 Specials!

See what is all in store for June in our featured article!