3 easy Kitchen Organization tips

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3 easy Kitchen Organization tips

Spring Cleaning brings peoples fancy to organizing. This post shares with you 3 easy kitchen organization tips that will protect your food at the same time. I have found that when I switched to Tupperware Modular Mates we saved 30% space in our kitchen, which was a lot less mess than the kitchen makeover we had done recently!

3 easy Kitchen Organization tips to have your kitchen save space and items easy to find

The other benefit I found was that due to this permanent storage solution bugs could not get IN or OUT of the Modular Mates. This was a HUGE benefit as we live on a sandplain in Minnesota. Lastly, because they are air tight and liquid tight moisture will not get in either!

You are able to create these permanent storage solutions on your own with the tools provided below OR by scheduling a time with one of our Infinite Shine Family members so that they can help!

3 easy Kitchen Organization tips

Tip 1:

Break out your camera and take a before picture! This is an awesome and important first thing to do for two reasons:

1) It will help you remember where things were

2) Most importantly you you will have pride on how it looks in the AFTER

By using these 3 easy Kitchen Organization tips you will find yourself saving at least 30% of space in the "after" life of your cupboard

Tip 2:

As you look through your cupboards you will need to ask yourself two questions:

  1. Do I need a permanent storage solution for this? If the answer is yes – Move to question 2!
  2. Will I scoop or will I pour the item inside of the Modular Mate?

Why ask Scoop or Pour:

  • Scoop option: Some items, especially those things for baking, are easier to scoop out of either by measuring cups or a flour scoop. For me a great example would be flour or powdered sugar. If you will be scooping out the item then I would recommend using Rectangular or Square Modular Mates
  • Pour Option: Other items are easier to measure when you pour it out. Some examples may be rice or cereal. There is an optional Pour All Seal that you can purchase, as all Modular Mates come with a flat seal, if it is something you want to pour out without taking off the entire seal. When this is the case using a Super Oval or Oval Modular Mate would be what you would want to consider.
Step 3 of 3 easy Kitchen Organization tips helps you figure out spacing.  I have charts in this article that also can help you with that.

Tip 3:

Once you figure out items you want the permanent storage solution for AND if you want to Scoop or Pour it out all that is left is figuring out where you would put it when the Modular Mates arrive.

This shows how the piece of paper works!
  • Tip: If you are able to lay a piece of 8×11 paper on the inside of your cupboard short end is to the back first you will be able to use all 4 types of Modular Mates. If it hangs over then you will be able to use only Squares and Ovals.
  • Also, having a measuring tape will help if you do not have a Tupperware Rep with you to measure out what could go where. This also helps you to map out the entire shelf.
  • When you have a Tupperware Rep help you they sometimes will bring a bin of Modular Mates that can help you see before you buy the right size, shape and space needed to create your dream kitchen! The other advantage of having a Tupperware Rep help you is they are able to look at your cupboard and quickly access without judgement what is good to keep and what is good to throw. While going through the cupboard having your recycling or garbage bin handy for expired items is also helpful! Trust me we do not have any judgements with this happens. We are only there to be an objective person to help you organize your space!

Not pictured in the chart above are:

  • Onion & Garlic Mate and Potato Smart Containers. The Potato Smart is about the hight of a Rectangular 3 and the Onion & Garlic Mate around a Rectangular 2. You can stack one on top of another. These containers are also great for storing your snacks such as bars and single serve chips for easy access.
  • Super Cereal Storers and Cereal Storers are a MUST for cereals. They keep them from going stale. Added bonus – little fingers can open them to pour out their own bowls which is helpful for mom’s and dad’s to sleep in a little!

If you do try these 3 easy Kitchen Organization tips please feel free to share your Before and After pictures with us! We would love to celebrate with you your success!

This should come with a warning though – once you organize one space the rest of the house may be next!! We have found Rectangular 3’s and 4’s are great for holding sheets that are not being used in the linen closet.

Potato Smarts are awesome for yarn to keep out of the way. Spaghetti Dispensers can hold those knitting needles too! There are so many ways you can use these containers that your whole house will be modularized in a minute!

This picture is from Kara who organized her whole pantry with Modular Mates using these 3 easy Kitchen Organization tips. To give you an idea for size this space is a little bigger than a coat closet. I loved how she maximized her storage and even used her door to help!

If you would like to learn how to get them at a discount be sure to send us a message at rsvp@infiniteshine.net to learn more!

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