Who inspires you?

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Who inspires you?

Inspiring women inspire women…this quote is so true. As you read this post you will see how Sheila Tolbert, Business Leader of Higher Vision Enterprises inspired me to become the woman I am today. Sheila is the definition of inspiring women because she take the time to inspire so many each day. I hope you enjoy this post as I truly believe part of the reason why I am where I am today is because of meeting and listening to her amazing words.

Let me bring you to my first Jubilee. It is August 2013 in Orlando, Florida. I am a Star Manager in Tupperware. For those not in Tupperware reading this, Jubilee is our National Convention to launch the fall selling season. In many ways it has now become a family reunion of sorts.

During our Jubilee one of our days is set aside for training. On this day I met the woman who would inspire me to become in many ways the woman I am today. I met Sheila Tolbert who was a then Star Director with Full Circle Enterprises.

Jubilee 2014

During our training I had the privilege to listen as Sheila shared how she does a party for her hosts and guests. She had a stage with around 6 to 7 people on it, her kit and supplies. Sheila shared spoils her hosts with smidgets for everything that they do to get ready for the party. For example, getting her addresses to mail out, having 10 adult guests, lettering her know how many people she will be expecting and so on. From there she demonstrated a Simple Salsa party and the word choices of how to drop little hints about joining or having their own party.

After she demonstrated the party, Sheila shared how to be successful in this business and I was a sponge. I took what she shared to heart and ran with it. I learned that what I was doing at the parties I was the Representative for and the Business Woman I was becoming was not very different than what Sheila shared. The word choices may be a little different, but the ideas were the same. Either way I knew I was on the right track. With Shiela’s training I had the confidence to achieve so many dreams throughout the years.

Since that Jubilee in 2013 so many things have happened for me and my family. I promoted to Director in November of that year which was my next goal. After that I set my sights on becoming a Platinum Connie (sold over $4500 personally every month). With the help of my amazing hosts and guests I held that honor 2 years in a row. The thing I loved most was along the way I was able to help so many people through these simple gatherings called “a party”. Some joined our team, some were hosts and some were guests. But no matter how it happened they all inspired me to continue to inspire other women to eat healthy, organize their homes, and save money or for some make it too!

In 2017, I was appointed a business leader of our Infinite Shine Enterprises alongside my husband Richard. This was our biggest blessing. As a Business Leader I have the huge honor of working with amazing women, and a few men, to help turn their needs, wants, and desires for themselves and their family into reality. Just like Sheila shared how the simple act of being a Representative at a “party” could turn my needs, wants, and desires into reality as well!

It was such a proud day when I watched Sheila take the Walk of Roses at Jubilee 2018 as a fellow Business Leader. I love the fact she will have the ability to continue to inspire so many because she continues to be inspiring!

The confidence I gained through listening to Sheila and being that sponge helped me become the woman, leader and mom I am today. I thank you so much Sheila. I am so grateful for your kindness and sharing heart make you one of the most amazing women that I have the fortune to call friend! (Plus we take the best selfies together!)

Jubilee 2019

Thank you for always being a Successful Business Woman to look up to!

If you have a person you are thankful for I encourage you to let them know today! Having mentors is so important and I feel so lucky that Sheila is one of mine!

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