Corn on the Cob…no boiling water!

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Corn on the Cob…no boiling water!

It is Corn on the Cob season here in Minnesota. You can find it in the grocery stores or even on the side of the road! Typically when you go to make it though it means shucking the corn and getting a pot of water and then boiling it! Well now it is so much easier!

Enter my friend: Tupperware Vent n Serve Large Deep! This little guy (well it isn’t so little) takes out all the hard work of the boiling of the water and the cleaning of the pan! To take it one step further you can then clean the cob by using the Mandoline to remove the kernels too!

Watch this to see how its done!

How do to do this at home:

-Grab a Vent n Serve Large Deep
-Shuck 6 ears of corn
-Place said ears in Vent n Serve Large Deep
-Add 1/2 cup water
-Microwave on high for 13-14 minutes

If you want to remove the kernels carefully use the Mandoline at level 6 and turn a quarter turn each time.

Enjoy! Yep its that simple!

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