The Courage to be #MissionI’mPossible

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The Courage to be #MissionI’mPossible

When I was in school I had a gym teacher who always asked Ms Phelps (that was my maiden name) should you choose to accept this Mission and then share the activity. I had no idea what he was referring to until Tom Cruise did his first Mission Impossible Movie. So as you read below I want you to think about that theme song and instead of saying to yourself this could be Mission Impossible…rather it is Mission I’m Possible! Because you are!

In this business asking questions can be hard. Really hard. As humans no one likes rejection of any kind. No one wakes up and says to themselves, Hey I want to hear NO today! With that said, we need to be okay with hearing that no.

In Tupperware, like any Direct Selling company, we hear the saying a lot — it takes 10 no’s to get to get to a yes. Well that is true. But sometimes it just more about HOW you ask it than just asking it. With the help of my friends we created this #MissionAsk100 sheet. Really you could use it for any business or situation. What I like about it is you have 5 questions to ask before you move on to the next person. That means you have 5 opportunities to check a number off of your list below!

I would be honored if you shared how your #MissionAsk100 is going and if this sheet was helpful for you! Feel free to share it with those who need a #MissionAsk100 and ask them….are you ready to be part of #MissionI’mPossible too?

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