Appreciation of all the Teachers

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Appreciation of all the Teachers

I have always believed that things happen for a reason when they are supposed to happen! This is especially true on my journey to becoming a Tupperware Lady.

My first career was a teacher. I first was a substitute teacher when I graduated with my degree. Then a Teacher on Special Assignment in Special Education. Richard was in the right place at the right time to help me with that one, but that is another story for another time. Then in 2001 I started the teaching position that would keep me for 13 years. That was the position of Remedial and Developmental Reading teacher that would go until the spring of 2014. Throughout that career I was able to help students who read 2-3 grade levels below 7th or 8th grade get closer if not pass grade level. It was one of my greatest joys to see the light bulb turn on so to speak!

Andre was one of those students that I had the pleasure and honor of working with. He was an amazing basketball player at our Middle School. He shared with me that at a Parent Teacher conference I told him and his dad that Andre needed to learn how to read for no other reason to be able to read his contracts.

This spoke to Andre in ways I had no way of knowing until many years later when I got a phone call from the Assistant Principal to come to the school. I was worried something was wrong with my daughter who was a student there as I was currently on Leave from the district as I was giving Tupperware 100% of my attention and was looking to turn it into a career to replace my teaching income.

Nothing was wrong with Bethany, instead Andre was coming by to fulfill a promise to me. I asked him that when he becomes a famous basketball star to come back to my classroom and share why it was important to do well in school. Well, on this day he did something that brought tears to my eyes. He said to me that I influenced his life to help him do well in school. He wanted to give me the college sweatshirt of where he would be playing basketball that fall as a thank you for my support. This is a moment that I will forever treasure and look back on fondly.

So you see the Appreciation of Teachers is something that happens in the little things. As a Reading Teacher I taught 7th graders how to have Confidence to be able to read without judgement or worry of being teased. Andre appreciated that safe feel in our classroom and flourished because of it!

As a Tupperware Lady I still feel like I get to teach. I just do it in different ways. I teach adults and sometimes teens how to eat healthy foods and save money in the process. It is a different type of Confidence that is being built by the Women and Men that I work with every day be them members of our company, Infinite Shine Enterprises, or at the Cooking Demos and Bingo’s we hold! The greatest gift you can ever give to someone is to teach them to have Confidence in themselves. I encourage you to help someone with that gift today. And if there is a Teacher out there that you appreciate…let them know. It is never to late to say Thank you!

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