Playing Favorites….

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Playing Favorites….

When you ask a Tupperware lady what their favorite piece of Tupperware is its kinda like asking what their favorite child is! It is something you just can’t choose!!

With that said though the piece of Tupperware we use daily is the Micro Pro Grill.

We use it to bake our favorite desserts like the cobbler pictured above, and our favorite Tator Tot Hotdish (casserole to everyone outside of Minnesota!)

We also use it to grill everything from burgers to chicken to our veggies! Sometimes all at the same time like in this amazing Steak Taco Salad with grilled veggies we will feature later this week!

So while I try hard to not play favorites, the Micro Pro Grill truly is the most used piece of Tupperware in my family. Would you like one? Well we can help with that too…its even on sale through Monday May 6th but you can always get it for Free or Half off too! Do you have one? Please drop a comment about what you love about it!

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  1. Karen says:

    I love it for grilling chicken cutlets. I just put a little italian seasoning on them, and just grill them up and then grill some veggies (literally just did this for lunch – cutlet and asparagus)

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