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Forest Gump has nothing on my friend Michele Womble! She shared with me how to make a “Box of Chocolates” using our new Tupperware Goodie Form. Here is how she did it!

(Fun Fact ALL of our Silicone molds are 100% Food Safe and are cured for 4 hours so that they will maintain their shape for years to come!)

1. Start with a Clean Tupperware goodie mold

2. Choose your own fillings. She had chopped peanuts, heath bar, smoked almonds, blank (will become white and dark chocolate, coconut, caramel.)

3. Place about a cup and a half of melting chocolate maybe more into our Micro Pitcher and melt

4. Stir every 30 seconds or so for a minute and a half. (TIP – be sure your stir stick is dry so no water is introduced. It will stop seizing)

5. Let cool for 15 minutes or more in the freezer

6. Then they will pop right on out..easy peasy!

7. Look! She is a Chocolatier!- do you think Forest would want some?

8. After cleanup!! Just a little soap and water.

My only question is do you want to make your own box of chocolates? What would have in yours?

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