Record Breaker is here!

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Record Breaker is here!

In Tupperware Record Breaker is one of our 3 “Big Months”. This means it is an opportunity for our Hosts to get extra options with qualifying events, our consultants receive extra cool gifts and our customers have more options to choose from with additional specials!

What I Love about this Record Breaker is 3 Fold!

Our Consultants get to earn something special from US when they are $1 over their biggest month (min $750) or recruit more people than they have in the past (min 2 people). This exclusive design was created JUST for Infinite Shine and is the brainchild of my husband and myself! They also earn Tupperware Swag and items to help in this digital world we are in from Tupperware as well! We love to pamper our people!

If you would like to join us and EARN YOURS feel free to drop us a note in the Contact Me section!

For our Hosts – we get to pamper them just a little bit more!! In Week 1 there are no copays which makes THIS week Extra Special!! This is IN ADDITION to the standard Host Bonuses where with qualifying events you can choose items for FREE and Half off out of our Full Line Catalog!

For our guests: We have 3 special offers that are so adorable! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Eco to Go Tumbler in this color! These Tumblers are like what you would get a coffee shop BUT unlike them you will be able to Reuse them over and over again!

The 3 qt Universal Jar is great not only for beverages but can be used for Dry Storage as well! This summer we used it for water during our road trips!

For those that have the One Touch Reminder Canisters the One Touch Topper Canister set is the PERFECT Compliment as they are designed to stack right on top of that set! They will also bring a Pop of color too!

So what interests you most? The Consultant Incentives, Host Incentives or Customer Incentives? Like all 3? Well that can work too!!! Contact us today to set something up!

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