Top 3 Tips for your Classic Bowl Set

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Top 3 Tips for your Classic Bowl Set

Tupperware® Impressions Classic Bowl Set

The Classic Bowl set is a stable in our home. We love it so much that we have 2 different sets of them! Some of the things I love about them is how they nest, the seals match the bowl and they are easy to use! Here are my top 3 tips for how to use them!

Tip #1

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In Minnesota we LOVE to share summer salads. My favorite is the Potato salad. The downfall is you have to have a way to keep it cold when you use Mayo or Miracle Whip with your pasta or potato type salad. I learned that when you nest the Medium Bowl inside of the large bowl you have the opportunity to add water to the side. When you cover the Large bowl with the Medium and water inside of it and put it in the freezer it can form a layer that allows for you to have a cold space to now add your summer salad to. The best part is this is also Dishwasher safe too! Check out this video to see how it is all done!

Tip #2

We love to bring our bowls to parties and the #1 complaint that people have is that they lose their seal. With the Classic Bowl set you can use the seal as a way to have a pedestal for the bowl to sit on! By doing that you now have the ability to “hide” your seal and not have it grow legs in the process!

Tip #3

Do you have a family that loves J-E-L-L-O? Do some like it plain while others love fruit in it and still others love it with marshmallows too? Well I have a tip for you!

First – Make your Jello as directed

Then- Drain the fruit you want to use really well. This can be done in a Double Colander or some kind of strainer

Next – Add your fruit and marshmallows to the Jello

Last – Place the seal on the Classic Bowl then tilt it in the Refrigerator to cool. By tilting it on the side two things will happen. 1) It won’t leak because the air tight and liquid tight seal. 2) It will have the marshmallows float to the top and fruit sink to the bottom. This will cause 3 layers with the one in the middle not have any!

Serve it with your favorite whipped cream and enjoy!

What tip did you like best? Let us know!

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