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Traveling tips

This last 9 days were a dream come true. For most of my adult life I wanted to go to Ireland. Today we are flying home from this trip! Our children and Rich and I have just spent the last 9 days exploring Paris and Dublin and all the glories these cities and countries have! Be sure to check our our social to see those pics!

Here are some tips for traveling…and all can be found at my website

  1. Pack an empty 16 oz Tupperware Water Bottle. This size fits perfectly in a purse or back pack for easy travel. It is refillable, if you know the water is good, so you are not spending gobs of money on plastic water bottles that will eventually end up in a landfill! PS have it empty when you go through TSA so they don’t ask you to toss it! You can fill it up when you make it through
  2. Pack your Breakfast Maker. Breakfast is usually the most over priced meal of the day. Usually you will find a refrigerator in most hotel rooms and a grocery store or gas station near by that you can buy eggs. If there isn’t a microwave in the room there is usually one in the lobby guests can use. This will save you TONS of Money!
  3. Pack your Micro Pro Grill. Yep I said it. Pack your grill. Just like the cooking breakfast option going out for 3 meals is not in our pocket book. When we travel as a family we have always had 2 meals “in the room” and 1 out. Our Meals in the Room could be grabbing some chicken from the same grocery place that has the eggs and cooking it up in the room. Pair it with the #4 recommendation and you could have sandwiches on the go for the next day. When you have 2 kids that do not eat off of the Kids menu anymore this is such a money saver! When we go out for lunch it could be $60+. At Faster Foods (we don’t go to fast food places) it is still $40 or so! This tip has saved us so much money!
  4. Bring a Vent n Serve. This Vent n Serve could serve 2 ways. #1 for the left overs from the grilled chicken in #3. #2 Left overs from your dinner the night before that you ate out. Don’t worry if you are thinking this could take up lots of space…you can use it to store your underwear or socks!
  5. Use a Lunch it Large for lunches. The Lunch it Large is perfect for adding a sandwich, maybe some veggies and a piece of fruit. It can fit easily in your back pack and could be used for snacks on the go or lunch on the go. This is usually how we save money on the 2nd meal of the day! We have 4 of them (one for each of us) so that way we each can have food on the go. Its on the bottom of the backpack so it usually will not have any problems with the different places you go. Just be sure to eat it before going into anywhere that does not allow food!

Optional – Corkscrew. Yes there is wine in France. There is wine almost everywhere! It is so much cheaper to buy it at a store vs restaurant! Just be sure this little thing is in your checked luggage as it is not going to go through TSA very well!

Lastly, bring a washcloth, towel and a small bottle of dish soap. You can use the towels from the hotel too and just bring the soap. You gotta have some way to clean everything you use after all!

Hope these travel tips help! I know they always help us to save money while making moments that matter! If you like these tips and recipes feel free to subscribe! Also if it would help a friend, it would be our greatest honor for you to share it or drop a comment!


Sarah and Richard

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